Could sharing desk space save you money?

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Written by Joseph Lofthouse


Whether you are a freelance operator, part of a small business team or you work for a national or international employer, there are ways you can make smart use of desk sharing spaces and save money in the process.

It is easy to think that operating from your home will always be the most cost-effective way of working when you’re not based in a traditional office. But this is very often not the case if you factor in the cost of making sure your home is work-ready or of renting a larger property with your professional requirements in mind.

In short, while working from your kitchen table might seem like a money-saver, in the longer term it could well mean spending more money than you need to on rent and your productivity might also suffer as a result. Desk sharing environments are generally inexpensive, but they offer fully-serviced workspaces that function extremely well for all manner of professionals.

These spaces can be particularly useful for anyone whose job takes them to different parts of the country or the world on a regular basis. The flexibility of desk-sharing spaces means more can be done in different locations, even if they are unfamiliar, and both time and money can be saved in the process whenever traditional offices are not required.

Plus, given the importance of impressing existing and potential clients, particularly for small businesses, conducting meetings in coffee shops or in your own living room is generally best avoided. Signing up to utilise flexible offices and shared workspaces often opens up ready and affordable access to properly-equipped meeting rooms, which can give small business operators a much greater chance of sealing sales and improving their prospects. Mobile professionals can also make the most of pay by the hour meeting room services.

Another key reason why shared offices can help occupants save money, is that the terms they entail tend to be incredibly flexible. As such, they leave start-ups and small companies able to grow or scale back their office space commitments on very short notice without there being sizable costs incurred as a result.

Furthermore, with the price of heating and lighting properties of any size or purpose having risen so significantly in the UK in recent years, utility bills can be another notable headache for home-based professionals. Energy costs though are kept low in shared space office scenarios, with these costs spread evenly among occupants and generally included in the headline price associated with any desk-sharing deal.

The costs associated with accessing desk space in shared offices will vary in line with the usual considerations such as location and the type of services they incorporate. Affordability though is a key part of the appeal of these types of facilities and a major reason why their use is on the increase among a wide and broadening variety of professionals in the UK and right around the world. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way of maximising the way you work then perhaps it’s time you joined them.

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