Desk, Beanbag or Sofa?

Joseph Lofthouse -

Written by Joseph Lofthouse

We’ve all heard the stories. Office buildings with slides instead of staircases, fireman poles to get from one floor to the next and wacky meeting room solutions involving hammock chairs and free fruit. But how do these solutions work?

As the workplace evolves so does the culture, and the search for innovation breeds ever more adventurous workspaces. I spoke to a close friend of mine recently, who told me the workspace option presented to him upon starting at a new company was;


“Do you want a Tablet with a bean bag or a sofa with a Laptop?”


He chose the latter for himself but apparently the beanbag is becoming an increasingly popular option.

It seems the technology companies are amongst the most likely to adopt this casual working style. There were numerous articles in 2009 about Google’s headquarters in Zurich with its Gondola themed solitary spaces and open fire library. The technology giant wanted to create an atmosphere of relaxation that allowed its engineers to be at their most inspired.

The San Francisco based headquarters of Twitter comes complete with yoga room and Zen garden, for those workers who just need a time out. Even the location is fresh, in a relatively rugged part of town in ‘need of gentrification’. With Twitter leading the charge, the area should soon be thriving. Equally the buzz surrounding Facebook’s new headquarters in New York is almost palpable.

Of course new flexible working laws in the UK and elsewhere mean working outside of an office environment altogether is becoming an increasingly popular option. Coffee shop locater TheCoffice prides itself on listing all coffee houses in your area with free WIFI for the budding caffeine addict/ entrepreneur. Combine that with the rise in virtual offices, and small businesses will thrive in a portable casual setting.

So where do you stand? (Or sit for that matter.) Are you an office lounger or a desk jockey? Let us know on our survey below…

Desk, Sofa or Bean Bag?


Desk, Sofa or Bean Bag?

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