How to Bring the Christmas Spirit to the Office

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Georgia Emily Austin - Writer

Written by Georgia Emily Austin

As the days get darker and the end of the year draws nearer, a special spirit is in the air while we count down the days to Christmas. Buying gifts for friends and family, spending time with nearest and dearest, and taking days off work, Christmas is an exciting time for just about everyone. Even those that don’t celebrate it usually appreciate spending time with family.

Harnessing the Christmas spirit for your workplace is a wonderful idea as you can encourage the sharing spirit of the season and motivate your team to finish the year off strong. Here are some fabulous ideas to bring the Christmas spirit into the office and help your staff share the excitement as a team.


Call Santa in Early

Giving and sharing is an integral part of the Christmas spirit and our chance to show appreciation to others for the past year. You can incorporate this part of the Christmas spirit by organising a gift-giving activity a little early, while everyone’s still in the office.

There are many ways you can do this, like creating an office secret Santa where employees who wish to participate are given the name of someone in the office to buy a gift for with a budget cap. If you’re an employer you can also give each of your employees a small gift to say thanks and Merry Christmas. Some offices host a traditional drive, where employees bring in gifts for a charity that benefits the local community.


Deck the Halls with Decor

As humans, we’re all influenced by our environment, so installing office Christmas decorations is a sure-fire way to get your whole team excited for the festive season. Blending in some tinsel, captivating lights and a Christmas tree is a wonderful way to set the tone. Given that not everyone celebrates Christmas, you can consider including a menorah or other religious items, too.

Consider giving out card ornaments to your office and asking people to write something they’re grateful for or what they’re excited to do over their holiday break, and placing them on your office Christmas tree. This also helps you decorate the office, but it incorporates a more personal touch to create a more intimate spirit. Have fun with this one, as there are so many great office Christmas decoration ideas to explore!


Mark the Calendar with a Party

A Christmas or holiday party outside of the regular workday hours can be the focal point of your office celebrations. You can organise a casual dinner out or a complete formal event to wrap up the year. Parties allow coworkers to socialise with each other outside of work which can help them build stronger connections with each other.

An office Christmas party can be something your entire office looks forward to attending and provides collective excitement and a monumental way to incorporate the Christmas spirit into the workplace. Try to be inclusive to other religions and times of booked holidays of your coworkers when planning an end of year party.


Flaunt the Christmas Jingles

Christmas music is immediately infectious for many people and ignites a real festive spirit, whether people love or hate the songs! You can play some traditional Christmas music softly throughout the office leading up to the holidays.

A great idea to get everyone involved is to create a collaborative playlist and ask the office to send their favourite Christmas or holiday songs so everyone gets to hear and share in the festivities. As long as you stay inclusive of other potential holidays, your office will build with excitement right through December.

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