Ten New Ways to Embrace Hygge in the Office

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Dave Carter - Head of Marketing

Written by Dave Carter

If you are looking for new ways to embrace that hygge office feeling, look no further. Let the hygge phenomenon inspire your office and improve your overall productivity! In this article we’ll explain what Hygge is and tell you ten new ways that you can introduce and embrace Hygge in your office so you can feel good about yourself, your brand and your workspace.

What is Hygge?

Intrinsic to the Danish lifestyle, ‘Hygge’ (pronounced ‘hue-ga’) defies translation: there is no equivalent in the English language. You don’t, however, have to be Danish to experience it. It’s probably best defined as a state of mind; it's about appreciating the simple, everyday things in life, thus adding a sense of meaning to them.

Think warming beverages, think comfort, think kinship, think Amelie. Hygge also shares some similarities with mindfulness, which goes some way to explaining its huge popularity in this the most challenging of years.


Creating the Hygge office experience

We spend about one third of our entire life at work. So how can we use hygge practically in our offices to enrich or experiences and increase our productivity?

Here’s ten new ways to embrace the hygge office

1. Decorate your desk and introduce home comforts

"Instead of thinking of your office space as a practical, mundane space, make it a comfortable, special haven where you are inspired and productive," said Gove and van Renswoude founders of Hygge Life.

Always have some sort of personal item decorating your space, from pictures of your family to a novelty paperweight bought on a favourite vacation. Sip a hot beverage from a mug brought from home. Be creative in making the space your own but always stick within your company’s policy of course.

2. Introduce some greenery to your desk

A study by the Agricultural University of Norway in the 1990s found that the introduction of plants to one office was linked to a 25% decrease in symptoms of ill health, including fatigue, concentration problems, dry skin and irritation of the nose and eyes. Having a plant on your desk is a key component of a hygge office and will boost your mood, productivity and creativity.

3. Make a relaxing work playlist

Music can work wonders for the mind. Make a playlist of lively yet calming tunes, to get you through the workday. According to Meik Wiking, author of “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living”, "Services like iTunes and Spotify allow you to create a hygge playlist that's up and running. I would go for something slow."

4. Spend lunchtime outside

You’re entitled to a lunch break after a long stint in the office so why not make the most of it? Don't check your email, prep your next meeting or stare at your computer while eating your meal deal from Pret, if it's nice outside, get some fresh air. Getting outdoors will help you unwind for a while and exploring the area may lift your spirits.

One of the best ways to create a more hygge office is with great lighting. Natural light is not only great to work by, but it’s great for you in general. Open the windows and doors, position your desk strategically, and feel more yourself in the morning sunlight. Make use of desk lamps to enlighten your space and add some battery-operated candles for that cozy evening vibe when working late.

5. Comfort clothing can work wonders

No hygge office is complete without some favourite items of clothing to hand to remind you of those home comforts. If you’re feeling the chill of the air-con, slip on a favourite jumper or fleece top and get comfy. And why not swap your office shoes for some comfortable slippers while you’re at your desk and feel better in a jiffy. 

6. Share some home cooked meals

Comfort food is the source of all things hygge and what better way to savour home-cooked meals than with your work friends by your side taste-testing each other's dishes? Organise your colleagues to bring in some home cooked goodies and swap around for a fun hygge lunch experience.

7. Random acts of kindness

Whether it's bringing a box of cakes to the office or simply lending a compliment to a co-worker, you can turn someone's entire day around just by being kind.

"Social support does help manage stress," said Iben Sandahl, co-author and co-creator of "The Danish Way." According to Sandahl, knowing we have people who care about us makes us more resilient.

8. Don’t sit in one place all day

Don’t sit at your desk all day if you don’t have to. Introduce some hygge into your day by finding spaces that complement the task you are doing. If you need to spend time reading, find a quiet spot with good lighting. If you need to get creative find a space where creative juices can flow and you can bounce ideas of others. Moving around will help keep you motivated and productive.

9. Bond with colleagues

Danish Psychotherapist Sandahl also said team spirit is part of the Danish culture. "This spirit of teamwork and cooperation is seen in all aspects of Danish life – from the classroom to the workplace to family life," said Sandahl. "Seeing the family as a team fosters a deep sense of belonging. The same spirit is something you can take into the boardroom as well."

How flexible workspace supports the hygge office concept

When circumstances permit a large-scale return to the office, companies will appreciate how collaboration can improve creativity and speed up innovation. Employees will want office environments that can embrace hygge and promote collaboration leading to more job satisfaction.

Flexible workspaces already have collaboration and wellbeing at their core and support the hygge office ethos in many ways. They often provide inspiring and comfortable spaces away from traditional workstations encouraging more informal collaboration, building a closer-knit community, and improving productivity. These planned or unplanned moments within the office help employees know and trust one another — a critical foundation for working together effectively.

As we begin to rethink our work environments, we can take some lessons from the Danish way of life. Many flex spaces apply them in the context of workplace design to increase smiles around the office and improve employee wellbeing, bringing a large slice of hygge office goodness to contemporary workspace.


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