The Coworking Diaries #11 - Work.Life Clerkenwell

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It's all about the members

As the name suggests, Work.Life Clerkenwell has created something of a home away from home for its occupiers. Across the coworking company's five, mostly London-based sites, freelancers, startups and slightly larger businesses work alongside each other in relatively close quarters.

Unlike larger providers, these guys are 'small enough that everyone gets to know each other. Like one big team, but without the office politics." Of all the flexible workspace spots we've visited so far, this is certainly the most 'full' - by the afternoon, all the partitioned coworking desks were taken, and the benches also started to fill up from 11am.

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Work.Life put their members at the forefront of their vision - this is reflected in everything they do, including the guest posts they publish on their blog.

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We're pea-green with envy! (Sorry.) Breakout spaces and kitchenettes are shared between residents, great for lone freelancers looking to meet like-minded individuals.

Clerkenwell office

The ground floor contains a small lecture space where members can attend events and seminars.

Clerkenwell office

There are a range of desk options to choose from, including these well-lit booths.

Clerkenwell office

Private phone booths are dotted around the building, offering privacy to those who wish to make a private call.

Clerkenwell office

One of the best things about having a membership at Work.Life is that you can use any of their locations, and attend any one of their free events. To arrange a viewing or find out more, call us on 0800 524 4315.

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